Sanding-polishing machine Type SP-3/300-1600/2×0-15


Compliance with CE safety standards

Power supply: 400V / 230V / 50Hz,

Adjusting the angle of the first two grinding heads, in the range of 0 ÷ 15 ° – manual control

Total electrical power: 15 kW

Dimensions: L = 1380 mm, width = 2240 mm, H = 1880 mm

Perforated conveyor belt vacuum system

Electrical equipment and automation of SchneiderElectric,

The vacuum suction to stronger retention elements not smaller than (L) 270 x (W) 120 mm

Axial fan – 7.5 kW with variable electronic suction power control

Working width: 1300 mm

Spindle Speed: 100 to 600 rev. / Min.,

Operating speed of the conveyor 30 to 70 m / min. (Expected service speed of 60 m / min)

Dust extraction / dedusting: 3 x 1750 m3 / h (air velocity = 27 m / s), exhaust pipe ø160

Working height: 850 ÷ 950 mm,

Machine suitable for use in the processing line,

LCD touch control panel with full visualization of multimedia work (instead of the microprocessor panel)

Any control panel to set the position of the boom arm,

Independent height adjustment system: height-adjustable table mechanism, depending on the thickness of the workpiece,

Brush height adjustment to compensate for wear and adjust the intensity of abrasive machining or off one of the heads of the work – inflicted remotely from the control panel

Beam transport safety elements depending on the thickness,

The minimum length of the workpiece = 270 mm by 100 mm

Workpiece thickness = 1 ÷ 80 mm

The direction of rotation of spindles – optional, default settings, and the first spindle concurrent with the transporter, the second counter.

Strips to discharge static electricity caused by the accumulation of large amounts of dust

Air recirculation system according to ISO 14001 Environmental Management,

Color standard equipment: construction – RAL 5024, doors – RAL 7035

12 months warranty,

Grinding aluminum heads with a simple system ø140/Ø300/1320 grooves perpendicular to the axis of transport with a set of cartridges abrasive

Brushing head for vacuuming Ø300/Ø60/1500 horsehair

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