Device for materials hardening Type S-UV-1

S-type – UV – 1 is designed to cure the partial remains of paints and other materials, UV curing in buckets 20l. The device is equipped with a standard UV lamp designed to cure UV coating transparent, colourless materials. In the case of pigmented coatings it is necessary to replace a lamp with a larger spectrum of ultraviolet radiation. UV curing debris provide buckets for scrapping adequately solve their disposal. The use of such devices is particularly important for the protection of the environment.


power supply 220V/50Hz

Installed capacity – 0.5 or 1.0 or 1.5 kW

curing – 0 – 30 min

maximum dimensions of the buckets to cure – (D) x 350mm (H) 370-400mm

maximum thickness of hardened coat: 5 mm


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