One sided brushing machine

Brusher is used to clean the surface of front plate at a later stage for the production of the paint. We obtain in this way an area of very high purity. In particular, the machine is suitable for machining parts painted, and by using a gentle cleaning of turbo blowers dust extraction at the same time get thoroughly prepared surface for the purpose of painting operations.


Voltage: 3×400 V / 50 Hz,

Installed power: 2,5 kW,

Conveyor drive power: 0.75 kW,

Electrospindle Power: 1.5 kW,

Roller conveyor in the machine,

Top cleaning brush Ø 180 x 1300 mm, horsehair brush,

Adjustment Brush: crank on the one hand,

Maximum workpiece width: 1300 mm,

Maximum workpiece thickness: 80 mm,

Minimum workpiece length: 250 mm,

Conveyor working height: 850 ÷ 950 mm,

Linear conveyor speed: 10 m / min.,

Brush speed: 600 rpm

Performance Exhaust:

BRUSHING 1-sided top with a brush cleaner: 2 x 1000 m³ / h at a speed of 27 m / s,

BRUSHING 2-sided with a set of two cleaning brushes (upper and lower): 2 x 1000 m³ / h at a speed of 27 m / s,

Turbo blower for brushing: 1 x 1000 m³ / h at a speed of 27 m / s,

Machine suitable for individual work,

Electrical Equipment and Control Schneider Electric,

Construction color: RAL 7035 polyurethane


Adapting machine speed control for smooth transport

Adapting the machine to work in the production line

Turbo blower dust

Infeed conveyor driven by a length of 400 mm

Outfeed conveyor driven by a length of 400 mm

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