Forth sided brushing machine

The machine is used to clean the surface of front plate at a later stage for the production of the paint. We obtain in this way an area of very high purity. In particular, the machine is suitable for machining parts painted, and by using a gentle cleaning of turbo blowers dust extraction at the same time get thoroughly prepared surface for the purpose of painting operations.


Power supply: 3x400V / 50Hz

Installed power: 4.1 kW

Transport drive power: 0.75 kW

Drive power brush top and bottom: 2 x 1.1 kW

Side brush drive power: 2 x 0.37 kW

Power drive mechanism for lowering / fall brushes: 0.12 kW

Air Supply: 6 Atm

Compressed air: 1.3 m³ / min.

Home maintenance machines – right

Height: 900 ± 50 mm

Overall width: 2150 mm

Machine length: 800 mm

The minimum length of workpiece: 250 mm

Adjusting the height of the top of the brush: manual and mechanical

Adjust the side brush spacing synchronized: symmetric

Working width: 1300 mm

Maximum workpiece thickness: 80 mm

Transport speed: 5-15 m / min. (inverter)

Brush speed upper and lower 1100 rev. / Min.

Side brush speed: 1450 rev. / Min.

Brush rotation: undershot

Sizes 2 pcs brushes (top and bottom): ø180 mm / ø60 mm / 1300 mm

Sizes 2 units side brushes: Ø140 mm / ø30 mm / 80 mm

Rubber transporting rollers

Dust Brush: top and bottom: 2 x ø160 mm + 2 x ø160 mm

Exhaust side brushes: ø120 mm

Exhaust air blower: 2 x ø160 mm

Power strips top: 50

Power strips bottom: 50

Minimum performance exhausts to brush the top: 2 x 900 m³ / h at 27 m / s

Minimum performance exhausts to brush the bottom: 2 x 900 m³ / h at 27 m / s

Minimum performance exhausts for side brush: 600 m³ / h at 27 m / s

Minimum performance exhausts for air blower: 2 x 900 m³ / h at 27 m / s

Max wheelbase transport rollers: 250 mm

Machine is equipped with controls

Color design – polyurethane

RAL 5025/7035

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