Hand sander-polisher SP-R2

Sanding and polishing machine SP-R2 is designer for sanding an polishing befor and after painting. The machine can be equipped with a continious adjustment of the frequency converter in order to exploit the technological capacity version of the engine without variable speed spindles.


– Designed for sanding curvilinear profiles

– Corresponding to CE rules – CE Declaration of Conformity

– Standing units ø140/ø280/250 mm with changeable sanding strips

– Setting the direction of rotation of the sanding head with a button on the keypad

– Voltage: 1 x 230V / 50 Hz

– Spindles driver power: 0,55 kW

– Conveyer speed (adjustable): 100-700 obr./min.

Additional options:

  • Frequency converter for continious speed control
  • Balanser

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