Honeycomb drying and stretching machine

Honeycomb drying and stretching machine


Power supply 3 x 400V/50 Hz
Control voltage 24 VDC
Installed electrical power 35 kW
Drying temperature 40 ÷ 135 °C
Heating power – at temperature 90/70°C and air temperature 0°C 21,7 kW
Electrical heating capacity 2×13,5 kW
Maximum ambient temperature of control cabinet 45°C
Conveyor in the machine – chain conveyor
Transport speed 3 ÷ 12 m/min.
Conveyor width 1300 mm
Max capacity 860 m² / h
Max honeycomb thickness 80 mm
Callibrating rollers 2 pcs.
Honeycomb feeding roller
Overall dimensions of machine:
– length: 6300 mm
– width: 2500 mm
– height: 3000 mm
Control panel of Schneider Electric with digital display of  control parameters

PLC controller

Knife (1 pce.) for crosswise cutting
Machine construction, control cabinet RAL 7035
covers RAL 2003


–  Knives for lengthwise cutting mounted at the entry of the machine

–  Rotary knife for crosswise cutting with the possibility of lifting and lowering to perform incisions

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